3D design and modeling

We’ll do 3D design, modeling and editing of any sort. OK, we are more in to product design and solution development, but we’ll do visualizations as well.  Rhinoceros is our home terrain and our specialty is 3D print application meaning all our designs are/will be “3D printing friendly” whether you need a custom made engagement ring  or you want a new RaspberryPi case. We’ll also edit your files/designs to get them ready for printing or CNCing – you would be surprised how many 3D designs cannot be printed due to designs errors, or better say wrong designer habits.

You need a 3D model but you only have basic idea and/or some hand drawn sketch? Do not fear, we’ll transform your “2D” design in to 3D form easily. We’ll also connect you to someone else if we cannot do what you are looking for, all in spirit of sharing geek ideas and helping our 3D design community grow. Give us your ideas and we’ll make them come alive – virtually and physically.