3D design

We model, design and edit in 3 dimensions everything what can be modeled. OK, we are more in to product design and solution development but we will do simple visualizations as well. Rhinoceros is out main editing tool with specialty in “3D printability” meaning all our designs will be 3D printing friendly, regardless of the final application – it can be unique engagement ring or custom housing for yout RaspberryPi. We will also edit your own design and prep it for 3D printing – you would be surprised how many 3D models are not 3D printable.

You need a 3D model but the only thins you have is a basic idea or a sketch? Have no fear, we’ll translate your “2D design” in third dimensions with a smile. Of course, even-though we can do a lot of things we can’t do it all – if this is a case than we’ll connect you with someone who can – we are here to grow our 3D artist community as much as we can. Give us your ideas and we’ll make them come alive – virtually and in reality.