3D printing

What? 3D printer!? Is this that thing buzzing all over the world for last few years? Yes, it’s exactly that – that little piece of future happening today which will change the way we create and manufacture…everything. We’ve been in touch with 3D printing technologies for years now (since 2006) and all knowledge we have is at your disposal. We’ll gladly consult you and 3D print all ideas you would like to see become reality, whether you need a fully functional replacement plastic part or you need wax master for casting.

There are numerous technologies available out there and it’s getting harder and harder to identify the right one for your application. That’s why you have us: give us some general input info, such as part size, required precision, material and quantity, and we’ll give you the best fit solution. We are just a few steps away from famous Star Trek replicators – use the 3D printing technology today to help it grow and develop, unleash the geek inside.