3D application

OK so you’ve done 3D modeling or you scanned something, hey maybe you even 3D printed your part – the question is: now what? Well this is where we will knock you out: you can do tons of cool things. You want a custom made Predator motorcycle helmet? Or you decided it’s time to pimp your wardrobe with some wicked Batman belt buckles? This is where you let go your geek imagination: cookie cutters, soaps, baking molds, jewelry, decorations, carbon and fiberglass forming, ceramics, door knobs, rubber parts – whatever you can think of, there’s a 3D technology application behind it.

3D printing  is a perfect technology to create new product in small, limited quantities – you can print a part and use it as final product or you can create a mold and do a series of products. Or you can turn the coin on the other side and offer mold as a final product so anyone can use it – this is what we try to do: encourage users to be producers.