3D scanning

You are already in to 3D modeling and design but you struggle with complex organic shapes? You want your face on mount Rushmore? You need reverse engineering for the mold you’ve been using from the time when 3D modeling was SF? Well, 3D scanning is an answer for you – we’ll digitize any shape from the “real” world and transform it in to 3D model which can be edited and reversed in to true CAD form. Scanners we use are ultra mobile, versatile and easy to set up – 3D scanning will make your organic 3D modeling/reverse world a walk in a park.We have access to different types of 3D scanners which will scan cars, statues, coins, humans, aliens etc. – whatever you can think of. 3D scanning gives you variety of possible applications. Personalizing everyday products has never been easier – hey,  it’s even possible to make a 3D model from series of ordinary photos now…wicked, right?