GEEK gadgets

Yeah that’s right – you give us a RaspberryPi, a paper clip and a jar of pickles and we’ll make you a quadcopter…or Macgyver’s emergency kit…or we’ll just distract you with pickle shishkebabs so we can play SuperMario on RasPi emulator. Anyhow, we tend to tuck a computer where ever we can – in to the table, behind the TV, under the bed – you never know when and where you gonna need it, right? Plus computer product integration help us greatly in achieving our multimedia principle we try to keep when innovating.

We also design and produce all kind of unique trophies for IT/GEEK/gaming conferences, shows, conventions and startup events. All of the trophies are designed and produced only for that occasion and will be very theme related. If you have some interesting idea on what would you like to do/create, please do let us know – we’ll give our best to help you to help us.