Have you ever been in a furniture store and you just could not find anything worth buying? Or you did find something but the price made you cry? Well this is what we went trough…Then we saw a couch made with pallets…and now we are officially pallets crazy:) Interior design is something we do with a smile because all we do we test on our own skin – meaning all things we made is in use as a part of our everyday living area. We use pallets, cardboard, water pipes, keyboard keys and old CRT monitors to create personalised, multimedial and modular everyday products.

Also we share what we do via our Instructables page so feel free to copy, innovate, modify and create your own cool everyday products – we only expect you to share and show what you did and help our geek community grow. All our products are fairly easy to build but if you find it difficult or you get stuck at some point, we are here for you – and we are not gonna pick you to the bone ;).