GEEK factory

GEEK factory is a fresh new exciting project we are doing in cooperation with Tech park Varaždin. The simplest explanation would be to compare GEEK factory with a gym – like in any gym, we will have working area stacked with different devices, machines and tools, and you as a factory user will come in, pay some small membership fee and in return will be able to use all technology and knowledge inside. Very similar concept but with a twist – in our creative gym you exercise not only the body (because you will sand, drill, hack and saw) but the mind and you skill as well. The key mission of this project is to revive and return people’s creativity and crafting skills which we have definitely lost over the years.

So, for all of you who want to create, make, craft, destroy, remake, recycle and upcylce,  GEEK factory invites you to join in – you provide will and time (and a little $ for running costs) and we give you space, tools and knowledge to help you in your creative process.