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Who we are

Geek design Ltd. is a small company based in Croatia dedicated to giving all geeks, gamers, SciFi and comic book fans out there, designer products and goodies inspired by cult games, movies, series and IT equipment in general. We also design, develop and produce contemporary products for anyone who wants to spice up their living or work area with something different and new. We use cutting edge technologies, such as 3D scanning and 3D printing to create functional and interactive products.
Our products are: modular (can interact with each other) / multimedial (can embed multimedia) / personalized (fit each user individually) / green (recycled and eco-friendly)


Irena Starčević: the one who keeps everything running like a “Swiss clock”. Organization freak. Social networks addict. IT specialist by duty.

I take care about anything that needs to be taken care of, I organize, plan and wrap up projects. Social media is my terrain: I post, tweet and click all over the place.


Vedran Starčević: 3D scanning, 3D printing and 3D modeling pro. Product, web and graphic designer in spare time. Geek and gamer by nature. Sales and marketing manager by duty.

I 3D model in Rhinoceros and Sculptris (specialized in jewelry design and 3D scan data editing) and I 3D scan and print with all technologies out there.

I play 15-20 video games (PC, PS, Nintedno, Sega) at the same time and I hardly ever finish one but they play a huge roll in my creative process. I actively collect vintage consoles and games (get back to me if you have something for trade/sale) and relax watching old SF movies.

I saw, grind, drill, screw, bend, assemble, glue, cast, paint, build, (re)create and destroy all I can get my hands on.

What we do

3D design and modeling

We’ll do 3D design, modeling and editing of any sort. OK, we are more in to product design and solution development, but we’ll do visualizations as well.  Rhinoceros is our home terrain and our specialty is 3D print application meaning all our designs are/will be “3D printing friendly” whether you need a custom made engagement ring  or you want a new RaspberryPi case. We’ll also edit your files/designs to get them ready for printing or CNCing – you would be surprised how many 3D designs cannot be printed due to designs errors, or better say wrong designer habits. You need a 3D model but you only have basic idea and/or some hand Read more

3D scanning

You are already in to 3D modeling and design but you struggle with complex organic shapes? You want your face on mount Rushmore? You need reverse engineering for the mold you’ve been using from the time when 3D modeling was SF? Well, 3D scanning is an answer for you – we’ll digitize any shape from the “real” world and transform it in to 3D model which can be edited and reversed in to true CAD form. Scanners we use are ultra mobile, versatile and easy to set up – 3D scanning will make your organic 3D modeling/reverse world a walk in a park. We have access to different types of 3D scanners Read more

3D printing

What? 3D printer!? Is this that thing buzzing all over the world for last few years? Yes, it’s exactly that – that little piece of future happening today which will change the way we create and manufacture…everything. We’ve been in touch with 3D printing technologies for years now (since 2006) and all knowledge we have is at your disposal. We’ll gladly consult you and 3D print all ideas you would like to see become reality, whether you need a fully functional replacement plastic part or you need wax master for casting. There are numerous technologies available out there and it’s getting harder and harder to identify the right one for Read more

3D application

OK so you’ve done 3D modeling or you scanned something , hey maybe you even 3D printed your part – the question is: now what? Well this is where we will knock you out: you can do tons of cool things. You want a custom made Predator motorcycle helmet? Or you decided it’s time to pimp your wardrobe with some wicked Batman belt buckles? This is where you let go your geek imagination: cookie  cutters, soaps, baking molds, jewelry, decorations, carbon and fiberglass forming, ceramics, door knobs, rubber beer sleeves – whatever you can think of, there’s a 3D technology application behind it. 3D printing  is a perfect technology to Read more

Collectibles & souvenirs

This is the one we have all been waiting for – gamers and game developers, movies fans and movie creators, souvenirs and model makers…You think Frankenstein was master of getting “things” alive, well you are wrong – we will revive your favorite game icon or a character of your own and bring it at your table. If you are a game developer searching the way to promote your game or reward loyal customers or you are trying to crowdfound your idea, personalized collectibles are the good way to “move” your product. From the gamers point of view this is your chance to get your own Bat’leth blade, soap shaped like Read more

Graphics and design

Yes we know – there’s geeky designs all over the place now as the geek is a new black…but, we like to think that we are different – price and style vise. As the title says we’ll do “classical” graphic design and visuals of any sort, plus we are here to help you create a visual identity for your business, product or idea. Also, we try to give conventional printing a new angle, new “dimension” if you prefer (get it ?? :) ), by making all kind of wall art designs, logos and visuals to pimp up you office/lounge/living area. As always, personalization is the key aspect – you wish is our Read more


Have you ever been in a furniture store and you just could not find anything worth buying? Or you did find something but the price made you cry? Well this is what we went trough…Then we saw a couch made with pallets…and now we are officially pallets crazy:) Interior design is something we do with a smile because all we do we test on our own skin – meaning all things we made is in use as a part of our everyday living area. We use pallets, cardboard, water pipes, keyboard keys and old CRT monitors to create personalised, multimedial and modular everyday products. Also we share what we do Read more

GEEK gadgets

Yeah that’s right – you give us a RaspberryPi, a paper clip and a jar of pickles and we’ll make you a quadcopter…or Macgyver’s emergency kit…or we’ll just distract you with pickle shishkebabs so we can play SuperMario on RasPi simulator. Anyhow, we tend to tuck a computer where ever we can – in to the table, behind the TV, under the bed – you never know when and where you gonna need it, right? Plus computer product integration help us greatly in achieving our multimedia principle we try to keep when innovating. We also design and produce all kind of unique trophies for IT/GEEK/gaming conferences, shows, conventions and startup events. Read more

What we did

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